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Dear Cliniquers,

Thank you for being part of our family. We at Coffee clinic are trying to provide the best quality drinks which have health benefit to the drinker. Nowadys, healthy drinks becomes an important part of our modern lifestyle. There is no such thing as what most people usually said "just black coffee". There is so much more that you can choose... from what kind of coffee beans, different brewing method.. or which origin the coffee are from, all this will give you different taste and caffein content.

Do note that the more bitter the coffee taste may not always be the better one. We would like cliniquers to be able to select healthier drinks and of course.. tastier as part of your daily life. You can find the available healthy drinks that we have and also information about the health benefits of our drinks in this website.

About us

Healthy drinks for a healthy lifestyle..!


Coffee clinic, has been around since 2010. Our first coffee shop branch was in Jl. Laswi, Bandung. But our current shop is in Jakarta. Our concept is healthy drinks. We use premium 100% Arabica coffee for all our products. We have espresso based coffee such as cappuccino, frappe or manual brew coffee such as vietnam coffee, pour over, turkish ibrik, cold brew etc. We also use high quality matcha green tea, so you can enjoy our green tea with or without milk and sugar. The dark chocolate drinks for our chocoholic. The refreshing virgin mojitos and our signature potion mocktails that served in the special glass. Premium natural syrup, plain sodas and dark chocolate sauce. We also focusing our foods menu. Our specialty is Japanese curry, you can customized the spicy level and add toppings that you want, our special menu is Curry Dangmyeon, but we also have curry rice and curry udon, donburi, katsu and teriyaki.

Matcha Green Tea

The health benefit of our premium matcha green tea

If you are a KPOP fans, you must be familiar with korean foods. One of the most popular food in Korea is Chicken. So in coffee clinic, we have different kinds of chicken menu to pamper you with authentic korean taste. We try to give the best food flavor with pocket friendly price. All freshly made dishes with best quality korean seasoning. Just come and try our korean food in Coffee clinic...!